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Lead Automation for Texas Used Cars | Case Study

Lead Automation is the talk of town since last 4 years. Let me show you a case study we had recently and how did we overcome the challenge.

What is Lead Automation?

Lead Automation is a process of converting Leads out of marketing channels setup by the business. We can drive more sales by automating sales funnel. You cant limit channels by which your leads get generate. We have to be open and allow lead generation happening omnichannel.

Lead marketing automation Ncoresoft

Why is Lead Automation trending ?

Leads drives every business solely. All businesses have to make sure they have plenty leads in pipeline. The more leads the more chances of conversion. Imagine your business has good market validation but you are missing on the right conversions. The main reason is you have not set pairing between your lead channels and your sales representative’s CRM. This might cause a lot of draining of useful leads. Leads lost means business lost. You cant afford to lose business to your competitors. If that happens that might hit your brand value to the bottom.
Today Brands are spending maximum to stay in the business by running multiple social channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube are helping all the brands in driving customer leads from all directions.
Useful metric for Lead Automation Ncoresoft
HubSpot is one of the leaders when it comes to lead and marketing automation. What if you get daily 400 emails of leads along with 500 other mails. Would you go and read each mail one by one? Then forward that mail to the sales representative to do a follow up. That’s crazy and monotonous right ?

How Ncoresoft helped the Texas Used Car business?

Texas Used Cars is a big name in used cars industries in San Antonio, Texas. Still they were using an old CRM since long. Every day their employees had to go through 1000 emails to find out the right leads. This was a manual process and monotonous. The employees used to waste a lot of leads every day. By the time the employees read 100 mails the day would get over and the prospect would move to their competitors. What a waste for a company which has 10000 cars in inventory. Going through this daily and not meeting Sales targets each month was disturbing. Then they met a Digital agency to find out if they could get a customized software that could do the filtering of leads and send it to their respective sales representatives. The Digital agency wasted no time and send us their requirement.

Marketing tools Ncoresoft

Ncoresoft having experience of 10 years in making custom softwares took the challenge and delivered the project in a month. Can you believe it? That is how Ncoresoft Technologies work. We know which technology, software architecture, tools to choose, and get things done.

What Ncoresoft did new in lead automation?

We started connecting the dots by analysing their requirement. Using AWS, C# and make a console application was our plan. We would install that as a windows service on their server. Now came the part of linking their mail box with AWS S3 bucket using SMTP. Now we made different folders to separate read and unread mails. All the mails get read one by one automatically and fall in the unread folder. So in case the server went down we didn’t had to start filtering of mails again. We could always start from the unread mails folder.

The mail reading process schedules to run recurring at every 5 mins. Our backend system tries to read mails on the basis of keywords like Used car, buy , sell, agency name etc. If our condition matches we modify that mail as per our system and send it to the respective sales rep. Every day this process repeats and eradicates the manual intervention completely.

Ncoresoft Lead Automation

Automate filtering of mails is the only saviour. Using it we can move prospects further down the sales funnel and generate more qualified leads. Choose from different keywords in the filter, dates, objective and targeted email or CRM. Then choose from different conditions to fetch right emails from right leads at the right time.

Grow your business with Ncoresoft at your end without increasing your employee size. We are there for you with the right experience, tools, data and technology.

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