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Software Developmentprocess







  • We Listen every detail from the customer, understand his/her case and then do our research in providing the best solution.
  • We analyse, strategize and then provide consultancy.
  • Our Due Diligence contains a list of question which we ask from the client in start only so that our plan to solve the problem he/she is facing has all the alternatives sorted without rework.
  • We provide wireframes, layouts, mockups and workflow before starting development. Client’s approval is necessary to start work.
  • We understand the importance of UI & UX and make sure every pixel is taken care off. We follow font, colours, palettes principles registered by Google Material design and Bootstrap.
  • We provide both Functional and non-functional prototypes depending on client’s requirement. We work hard to make an user experience which brings more user base.
  • We follow dynamic and loosely coupled N-layer architecture like microservices and other well worldwide acknowledged frameworks. We can make all types of functionalities, algorithms and intelligence logic.
  • All modules are unit tested by us. We keep a mantis for all bugs major or minor to solve them in an accountable manner.
  • We keep on optimizing the performance of the system from time to time.
  • Live environment is very important for us so we deploy/test on staging and development environments before migrating to live server.
  • We follow the best code practices and daily sprints for timely product delivery.
  • A well planned software architecture and database can bring great revenue to your company, we understand that well owing to our disciplined interpretation. We believe its better to ask more questions than assuming that we know everything.
  • We don’t ask questions again and again to harass the clients, instead our research is well-defined enough for the clients to showcase the MVP/Product with detailed features, workflow and user-friendliness.
  • Our utmost try is to make you carefree about the software development and let you focus on your business which you are best at, and handle N Cores involved in the entire process.
  • We work to maintain relations, money is secondary.
  • We are sophisticated and friendly at the same time so that as a client you can have 100% faith in us.