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Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development is the process of creating web applications that provide a mobile app-like experience using web technologies, and can be accessed from any device with a web browser.

What We Do

Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web Apps or PWA are web applications that use modern design techniques to look like native mobile apps. In easy language, PWA is an app that a user can install from a browser instead of an app store. However, it can be listed in Apple Appstore, Google Play Store or Microsoft Store as an optional distribution channel but only after following these store's rules.

Some of the famous apps built as PWA are:
– Uber
– Pinterest
– Spotify
– Trivago
– Flipkart
– Makemytrip
There are many concepts like Service Workers, Manifests, etc. Being a web app, it can be accessed & installed on any device platform with single code repository.

Once Installed it looks same like a mobile app. Similarities to a mobile app are as follows:
– It has an icon on home screen & menu.
– It is searchable in menu
– Opens in a standalone windows without a browser
– Works offline too

PWA bring the best of both Web & Mobile worlds:


Available everywhere
Can Easily Deploy
Easily Updatable
Everyone can publish

Mobile apps

High performance
Can access storage files
Standalone experience
Installed Icon
Rich and reliable

Technology Stack We Work Upon

Mobile App Development Services

Advantages of migrating native apps to PWA:

-Twitter Lite was built as a PWA after which  Twitter saw 75% increase in tweets, 65% increase in pages per session, and 20% decrease in bounce rate.

-Pinterest’s PWA brought in 44% increase in user-driven ad revenue.

- 17% of Ecommerce companies have already shifted to PWA by 2022.

Disadvantages of PWA:

- limited support on iOS (though apple is working on it)

Cant publish app on Apple appstore.

  • PWA have a simpler code and are built to be the lighter version of Native apps.
  • They are built using Web frameworks and dont need native sdk support.
  • React-native, Ionic are used to build cross platform apps which work on iOS, Android etc. with same code but to access native controls, plugins you need to know native language like Java, Objective-C or Swift.
  • Phonegap apps are also cross platform just wrapped inside native container, but any custom feature needs to be built using native language with help of Android & iOS developers.
  • PWA need only 1 skill to be built i.e. Javascript using any of latest JS(Typescript) frameworks like Angular, React or Vue.
  • PWA are cheaper to build and support.
  • Downside of PWA is their limited browser capabilities and less support for core controls.
  • Website is limited to the browser
  • Normal Website cant be installed like a PWA
  • Single approach to give native experience as per the platform
  • PWA is similar to Flutter in many terms owing to its single codebase, cross platform.
  • PWA can be built on multiple languages whereas Flutter can be built only on Dart language.
  • If you require a faster market entry with small team and single code base, PWA is your friend.
  • Startups & Bigger corporations both can build their MVP, light versions on PWA.
  • If you dont want users to go through process of installing app from app-stores and give them to use the app from anywhere be a desktop, laptop or mobile browser, go with PWA.
  • Apps could also publish on google play store using (Adding Your Progressive Web App to Google Play)
List of PWA features:
– Installation
– File Access
– Bluetooth
– Camera
– Microphone
– Clipboard
– Gyroscope
– Accelerometer
– Payment with Android Pay & Payment APIs
– Push notifications
– Full screen
– Offline mode.
List of PWA features:

We understand your requirements in the discovery phase, ask you questions under our due diligence process. We develop the app in phased manner. We set milestones based on customer’s urgency. Having multiple PWA developers in all Angular, Reactjs, Vuejs give us an added advantage. We provide regular status updates, demos & deployments. Our QA department provides good unit & integration testing. We give a flexible option in payment as well as maintenance support. Looking to hire a PWA developer ?

Why Ncoresoft Technologies?
We are a specialist in building PWA since 2018. We follow all the PWA standards given by Google. Till date we have built many enterprise PWA apps. Some of which are:
– DirtDate (Social network & community for Dirt bikers0
– Cobble (Online ordering for a multi-location restaurant
– CRM for Sales agencies
We are aware of latest updates in PWA related to:
– manifest.json
– give customers prompt to install app
– use caching, local storage, redux option to support offline mode
– sending push notification via service workers for newer updates

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