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Web based EMR/EHR application for Hospitals & Healthcare

EMR or Electronic Medical Records is a software where medical administration, billing and patient records are managed in digital format.

Gone are the days when EMR was windows based. They have to install it on all computers in hospital or clinics. There used to be a lot of overhead of maintenance, syncing of data, OS issues, Unhandled errors.

Ncoresoft brings in front of you a Cloud based web EMR cum EHR solution.

We give you both options.
– Host it on  private server for you with separate database.
– Give you a public link to operate at a very low cost.

Architecture and Technology Stack of Software:

It is built on the latest technology of Angular 5 as the frontend. For Template it uses the famous and sleek material design. For backend  we  have used the highly secure, scalable and robust MVC. The best part is we manage to call everything using web apis. This makes it a loosely coupled system. We can host it on multiple sites like Amazon and Netflix to handle load balancing of heavy traffic too.

Responsiveness and Compatibility:

This EMR software works with all other devices, including laptops, standalone computers. It also works with tablets, mobiles and portable information sharing devices. MD professionals and medical staff can utilize these devices. It gives them advantage of workflow benefits that help both medical personnel and patients.

You can see the dashboard of our User friendly web app:

Buy Ncoresoft EMR EHR softwareWe also follow the HIPAA Compliance. For our clients from the US, Ncoresoft regulates all Entities by the Privacy and Security Rules. Ncoresoft obliges to comply with all of them already.

Smaller clinics and office based medical practices may not always have the required staff. It also wont have the IT infrastructure to create and maintain an EMR software solution.

Here Ncoresoft’s web based EMR software comes into picture. Being a viable, affordable and easy to manage alternative, it cuts the competition entirely. We also give customization option and add or modify modules as per requirement.

Run an entire hospital or a clinic with such an easy to use EMR web app. We have made it such way that training laymen staff on this EMR solution is a cake-walk.

You don’t need to worry about costly IT support, in-house server maintenance, or data backup at all. We will do it all for you.

Above all we make sure you relax and we manage software even while you sleep.

For more information about our Ncoresoft EMR systems or to purchase EHR software or acquiring web based software:
please call us 091-990-999-4628 or contact our Medtech Sales department