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Chrome Extension Development

Chrome extensions are software programs that enhances their Chrome Browser experience. We just use html, css & javascript to build chrome extensions. Extensions helps us customize browser functions.

What We Do

Use Cases

Crawl data from websites.

Block popup ads or unwanted website elements

miniature version of your websites (can see few important metrics like Patient Status, medical alerts, messages, notification, CRM updates etc.)

Some of the famous chrome extensions:
Linkedin Sales Navigator
Google Calendar
Google Translate
Some of our recently built chrome extensions:

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Why Ncoresoft?

We built our first chrome extension in 2018. Since then we have built 20 chrome extensions till date and have happy customers in US & India.

We specialize in responsive designing with html, css, bootstrap, custom theme etc. So any kind of UI layout can be built by us for extension.

Having a decade of experience in javascript gives us that leverage to crawl, manipulate DOM ( document object model), use browser native elements etc.

Manifest version 2 has phased out, So we know how to migrate to Manifest version 3.

We have experience with service workers & manifest files customization.

We have integated Chrome.notification for push notifications like data alerts, success/failure status etc.

Crawled data from 20+ sites like Linkedin, Facebook etc. till data, built custom templates to read site data.

Integrated hide/show of buttons in DOM of existing UI to trigger activities on host site.

Have built Real time chat with socket programming in extension

Have built social network (add friends, like, comment, upvote etc.) in extension

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