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What Accenture did wrong with Hertz Car Rental ?

Hertz Car Rental Firm from Florida, USA sued Accenture for 32 Million $ legal suit for a massive web design failure.
Accenture doesnt need an introduction in Software consulting, management and implementation. It is 1 of the top 10 companies in Software Outsourcing and Consulting industry. But that doesnt make it God. It is human and can cause errors.
We would be talking about what it did wrong. Then we will talk about what it should have done to prevent it.
Hertz hired Accenture in August 2016 to help redesign its existing website and mobile apps. But the firm was unable or unwilling to meet the basic requirements of the said contract. It wasnt able to achieve a single deadline due to which Hertz fired Accenture in May 2018. Till this time the car rental firm had paid $32 million for its services. Hertz is now asking the giant management consulting firm to pay back the entire amount. It also has asked for more cost to repair the project.


Flashback of Hertz Car Rental Project

The Rental Bigshot started planning for digital transformation almost 3 years ago. Their intention was to improve their customer experience for all it’s rental brands globally. They had laid down list of all goals and a complete roadmap to achieve. After this they handover all documents and information to Accenture in August 2016.

It started with Accenture missing the 1st deadline when the new site was going live for first time. This was December 2017 then came the postponed date January 2018 which  also missed. It also missed August 2018 as third deadline and was finally removed from the project.

Accenture still believes that the lawsuit by Hertz is baseless.

The worst part was that Accenture started charging for the delays. The lawsuit already states that

“Accenture promised that Hertz would not be responsible for the added cost associated with the delays in go-live, but Accenture later sought to charge Hertz for those costs.”

Missing Goals

According to Hertz goals, they wanted a uniform web structure for all its existing global rental brands. They included global and economy brands like Dollar and Thrifty . But Accenture built site only for Hertz North America. Even Hertz Europe was excluded from digital upgrade. Hertz reported this debacle and has also stated in the lawsuit

“Accenture’s project
leader replied that ‘we felt that creating a generic base and extending Hertz from that would have been less useful and less productive.”

Who in the world would go against code reusability and creating a common framework. Isn’t that laughable? Accenture also didn’t make site responsive for tablet even after promising to complete for all desktops, mobile and tablets. Shouldn’t they adapt to different screen sizes to make it reader-friendly across different devices. We at Ncoresoft built a lot of enterprise level softwares successfully where client asks for responsiveness across different devices. On complaining Accenture agreed to make it tablet-responsive, but only if Hertz paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Accenture couldnt even get the Visual Style Guide right. The Car rental firm specifically requested a style guide that was in a non-PDF format. They wanted a non-PDF format which they could update over time. But the Tech firm continued to produce guides that were PDFs, according to Hertz. The management company eventually said it would make the style guide in a non-PDF format, but only if it got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bad Code Delivery

The Management Firm even could not deliver reliable and working code. Hertz assessed the code Accenture delivered with its new replacement. Accenture’s code was so badly written that the new firm could not resolve so many issues. They finally had to discard the entire old code and start over.

The firm even convinced Hertz Car Rental to buy a license for RAPID, a program to streamline the development. They wanted to develop a new content management system. However, after buying the license, Accenture admitted to Hertz that it did not know how to use RAPID.

Currently Hertz is demanding a serious jury trial and needs repayment for all it spent. It wants a pay back for all costs during Accenture’s period of service as well as future web design costs. Hertz claims that is working very closely with the Accenture replacement and will be rolling new platforms shortly.

You can access the Hertz lawsuit on Accenture here.

Hertz Sued Accenture Lawsuit Link 

As they say “Once Bitten twice Shy“.

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