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Facebook New Design Launch

Facebook New Design promotes more private communications . This Tuesday the 30th of April’19, Facebook announced its New Design for their desktop and mobile apps. In this revision, they have focused on new features to promote group-based communications instead of Main Feed. Till now people used to publicly post status and messages.


Facebook New Design Redesign
Facebook’s Redesign


With the new changes users would now message and share news with one another more easily. Therefore they can also share other items with private group member on the site.

F8 Announcement

The Company announced that Mark Zuckerberg is working to integrate and encrypt Facebook’s different messaging services including WhatsApp and Messenger. Facebook also plans to continue giving importance to its Stories product, which allows people to post 24 hour updates. These stories vanish after 24 hours. They finally bid adieu to their large Blue theme and unveiled a minimalistic great white look for FB.

The motto of these new features is to make Facebook a more trustworthy platform, said Mr. Zuckerberg. He added more in the interview “Everywhere you can see and connect with friends, you’ll be able to see and connect with groups; it’s going to be woven into the fabric of Facebook.”

The recent privacy scandals have forced the social network company to change some of their policies, features from ground zero. This redesign shows us the initial effects. Most Importantly Facebook is facing negative criticism for the last 3 years for its incapability in providing privacy to user information. The main damage was also due to the image they created by spreading fake news, explicit content and even interfering elections. Influencing Political Dynamics of different countries has brought Facebook in bad limelight. Worse was how they got tangled into getting fined for $5 Billion from Federal Trade Commission for privacy violations. This was the highest any Technology company got fined in United States.

Ground Story

Facebook users are shifting their social media behaviour. Today online communications have got a boost by private messaging, groups and stories. Mr. Zuckerberg said. “In 2019, we expect the amount of Stories that are shared to outnumber the amount of Feed posts that are shared.” Facebook New Design is going to push multiple product updates in all of the 4 platforms periodically. This upgrade doubts How Facebook will earn from its private communications. FB generates most of it’s $56 Billion revenue by targeting advertisements out of public posts. The challenge in this directions are major as the stakes are high.

Facebook has a Groups tab to its main mobile app and desktop menus, for example. Recommendations for groups will pop up in various areas of the app insisting users to join. Messages for close friends and family have a separate section inside Messenger. Any user would find it hard to ignore a group prompt insisting him or her to join a group chat.

They have also launched their dating feature for Canada and Thailand, not yet for USA, but soon it will happen. Instagram launched new digital shopping and ecommerce features.

Zuckerberg at Facebook’s annual F8 developers conference in California for Facebook New Design
Zuckerberg at Facebook’s annual F8 developers conference in California

Zuckerberg emphasizes about their company’s automated systems. They can detect illicit activities — like examining traffic patterns — without scanning the inside content of private messages.

“There’s still a lot to do” were Zuckerberg’s final words in the conference. Lets see where Facebook takes us in Future.