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New Features in Angular 6.0 !!! Why to use Angular 6 ?

Angular 6 is out!

Angular 6 is stable for development. There are great features for Angular-cli with new introduction to Angular Elements for the first time. They have also push the updates to all of core framework packages (@angular/core, @angular/common, and @angular/compiler, etc.) and Angular Material + CDK. See the new changes here . Now lets see what makes it better then Angular 5 !!

Angular 6 stable for development

  1. ng add
    – Its a new CLI command. ng add will help you to download new dependencies/packages and update our project with configuration changes.
  2. ng update
    – a new CLI command that will read your package.json and suggest you updates of packages for your application. ng update will help you use the right version of dependencies, thereby keeping the code in sync and updated.
  3. Material starter template kits
    – Once you run ng g @angular/material to add material to your existing application you will also be able to generate three new starter templates like :

a.  Side navigation bar : In order to get a side navigation bar from material design

       Run command ng generate @angular/material:material-nav --name=my-nav
b. Dashboard  : In order to get a dashboard from material design
       Run command ng generate @angular/material:material-dashboard --name=my-dashboard
c.   Data table :  In order to get a data-table from material design
       Run command ng generate @angular/material:material-table --name=my-table

4. Register Providers
– Now we can make services available to the entire app. Before we had to import and register a service with injector in a module, and add it to the provider’s array. Now we can use the providedIn property in the injectable decorator. It tells us about the root module which is responsible for creating an instance of the services.

Other Important Updates

1. RxJS V6 comes with backward compatibility package rxjs-compat.

2. Angular-cli
– CLI projects will have angular.json instead of .angular-cli.json for configuration.
– Now CLI supports workspace with multiple project libraries.
– Increased Speed with less code.

3. Use ng-template instead of template directive to render html

4. Angular Elements : Render any of your angular elements as native html elements with

    ng add @angular/elements

Angular is going more towards accessibility to PWA (Progressive Web Apps)…. Keep following for new updates in Software Industry…