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Things to learn from Lidl software disaster [Software Upgrading] :

What you should learn from Lidl Software disaster?

How will you adapt to workforce mindset or how will your workforce adapt to newer features? or learning curve ? Everything needs to be sorted before taking this big leap of faith. Following are our observati0ns from the recent upgrade Lidl Software disaster by SAP :

Ncoresoft Casestudy for Lidl SAP

1). Even Software Corporations like SAP can make mistake.

2). 7 years and 500 Million Euros of expenditure also don’t guarantee success for a software

3). Keeping 1000 of staff and 100 of consultants on eLWIS inventory control system weren’t enough

4). Management team are always not right when they take decisions which the team don’t adapt too causing collateral damage.

5). Lidl based its inventory management system on Purchase price whereas SAP for retail use retail prices. The whole mindset has to be changed which Lidl don’t want to, pushing SAP to change.

6). Don’t follow Many code changes to existing code during SOFTWARE MIGRATION and shaking the foundation, which SAP did.

7). Communication was also be a problem as requirement and strategic goals were never met.

8) The company has to adapt to newer process if it is thinking to use generic software.

9) German IT consultancy KPS who acted as a mediator and responsible for transformation came out to be slow. So avoid mediators or they need to be proactive. Replace them if they miss milestones.

10) Lidl has a biggest challenge to retain its software engineers as no one wants to play with a 30 years old code.

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