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How our PWA CRM can help your SALES team?

How our PWA CRM can help your SALES team?

Are you tired of managing your SALES team in a manual way and dont have a PWA CRM ? Are you not able to keep in touch with your leads, prospects or old contacts ?

What if we provide you a solution which can change the way you do business. Our Solution can be managed from your mobile, desktop or a tablet. We call it a PWA (Progressive Web App) CRM ( Customer  Relationship Management). It has all the necessary features which a CRM must have.

Sales Team is the backbone of every Company. Every CEO makes sure that their lead generation is accountable and tracked regularly. Many companies are still on the age old route of paper work, messages, excels, mails, no automation at all. Ncoresoft takes in it’s strides to bring a state of art mobile responsive CRM which is very affordable. Not all businesses have the budget to own a Salesforce or Hubspot SAAS subscription.

We want to help out all Small & medium companies in enhancing their Sales Automation. Dont you want to know about the conversation with a lead of where you left 6 months ago? Every sales person wants to see all the homework, notes, negotiations done with the lead. Every Sales manager is interested to know who is the star sales man closing more leads.

The User Experience

PWA CRM Ncoresoft

At Ncoresoft, we have built a PWA CRM after seeing what problems our  own Sales team goes through. Our motive was to keep track of where majority of our leads failing to close by seeing the Deal Stage. The Closed vs All Deals ratio can also help us in tweaking our Sales process. We can also forecast our lead generation & closure targets each month.

We have built a simple & user friendly web application which doesnt restrict user to a single system. A user is free to use our system while globe-trotting. Sales is a moving profession and you cant convert leads by sitting in office. You have to be mobile and have multiple meetings before you close a single deal. How would you keep account of all that meeting appointments, information, contract attachments, RFP, etc. We have made sure to fill in the gaps and make sure all modules are inter-linked. Our interlinked User interface is the USP of our PWA CRM. Navigation is so easy that you can move from any entity like Contact to Deal or other information. You dont need to check the left menu again and again to switch to different modules.

Multitenancy & SAAS

Our PWA CRM has the unique proposition of being a multitenant SAAS system. What does that mean ? Customers can now manage their company and users themselves. You can add/remove users as per your comfort or Sales team strength. Customers will have their privacy from other customers as there is good level of security. Owing to the subscription system, customers can pay monthly as well as annually. Annual subscription will have their own benefits.

Mobile Responsiveness

The user interface is built in a 100% responsive manner. We have tested this product on all kinds of devices like desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets. We have made sure that sales or lead generation executives can do their daily routine tasks fast. Data once logged with us stays safe unless you delete. Just like image on the left side, we have design all the other screens so well ensuring total usability. Now have your meetings with your clients while driving. You can take notes as well as assign tasks to other team members.

Productivity & other USP

Different deal-stages and amount in this app will help you to identify the priority of prospects. We can soon schedule our meetings in the app sending RSVP to the prospects for call or video-conference. Contact management, Task management, Deal Management, Notes, Meetings, Acitivity logging etc. make up this application very useful for all kinds of sales teams. We are esteemed to inform you that this app’s performance is top notch. The reason behind this great performance is its architecture, state management etc. We have researched well in advance considering all the parameters be it database, frontend, backend (api calls). The team responsible for this beautiful product have great experience. Before this they have delivered projects for Microsoft, Mary Kay Cosmetics, CCHAmerica, Interpol etc.

Delivery & Usage

We offer 2 options one is of hosting on your private server which gives you top privacy. The other way is of using our cloud subscription monthly or annually. We take annual backup of data for worst case scenarios. We have kept pricing for both the options very affordable comparing to other alternatives in market.

In order to schedule a demo, you can mail us at or skype : shalin.jirawla.

Looking forward to have you onboard.