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Choosing Zero for your Product development

Choosing Zero for your Product development

What is Zero ?

  • Zero is a white label solution for the development of enterprise web applications with latest UI and SOLID architecture.
  • Zero saves your time by providing common application features in a pre-built Visual Studio solution source code. zero experts at Ncoresoft

What are key features of Zero?

  •  Dotnet Zero provides 6 types of solutions for different requirements of customers.
  •  Dotnet Zero provides a complete SAAS development suite
  •  Inbuilt great authentication and authorization options
  •  Creates a basic UI layer with Visual studio
  •  Supports HTTP Rest APIs as well as GraphQL
  •  Cross platform Xamarin mobile app is available with backend api integration
  •  Supports Localization through out app for 10+ languages & regions.
  •  Configurable application settings
  •  SOLID Architecture and Domain Driven Design
  •  Comes with Bootstrap based famous Metronic Theme
  •  Automation of repeated tasks like Logging, validation etc.
  •  Includes support of Unit and integration testing with xUnit

Industry Verticals where we have used Zero to provide Enterprise solutions :

Telecom, Risk Management, Utilities, Training & Tech Support, Fintech, Banking, ERP, Startups, Venture Capitalists & Angel investors, Business Intelligence, Event Booking Management, Entertainment, SAAS, Social network etc.


Type of Solutions built with zero:

Investor CRM, Human Resource Management, Content builder, Financial dashboard, KPI alerts, Field service Management, Event & Booking Management, Time Tracking, Stack Overflow type online community, social network like LinkedIn, Hotel Booking, Business Intelligence Dashboard etc.


Ncoresoft’s partnership with zero team (Volosoft):

I know Halil Ibrahim (founder of zero) since March 2017 since we started using their boilerplate framework. We showcased our enterprise work for different clients in ABP & zero. Following this, we enrolled as zero partner officially. After our collaboration we built many more zero custom solutions for a variety of customers.


How each feature is so worthy is explained below in detail :

Multiple Configurable Solutions

  1. For instance, The recommended and latest solution starts with core 2.x ( 4.6.1) and Angular 8.x for your SPA (Single Page Applications) needs.
  2. Similarly you can also couple core 2.x with jQuery if you don’t want Angular/Typescript.
  3. However in case you want to stay with MVC and not upgrade to Dotnet core, try ASP.NET MVC 5.x, Web API and AngularJS 1.x package.
  4. You can keep old school with ASP.NET MVC 5.x and jQuery package based solution.
  5. There is also an option for  XAMARIN mobile app integration with backend solution.

Full SAAS Development Kit

  1. Single-tenant/ Multi-tenant management option is available
  2. Recurring payment based Subscription model already exists.
  3. Paypal & Stripe are already integrated out of the box.
  4. Dashboard for Tenant & Income data is in place.
  5. Single Database as well as Database per tenant are great USP of this solution.
  6. Custom logo can be set for each tenant.


Authentication & Authorization

  1. It is built on ASP.NET Identity Framework.
  2. Provides user and role management pages by default.
  3. Has hierarchical organization units system to group users and entities on basis of access rights.
  4. Inbuilt login, register, password-reset pages.
  5. User & tenant impersonation with flexible permission based authorization
  6. Two Factor Authentication (Email, SMS, Google Authenticator)
  7. User Lockout
  8. LDAP/Active Directory login support is provided.
  9. Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) Authentication
  10. Provides the power of Social media logins like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Microsoft Account.
  11. OpenId Connect Authentication
  12. It Logs all login attempts for all users
  13. Password complexity settings is inbuilt.
  14. Automatic Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection
  15. IdentityServer4 integration

RAD, API support & Cross platform Mobile App

  1. Provides scaffolding option to create entity from database to UI layer with VS extension or command line tool.
  2. Template options to generate customized code.
  3. HTTP / Restful APIs for all app functionalities
  4. GraphQL API infrastructure for third party client apps.
  5. Supports package of Cross-platform (iOS & Android) Xamarin mobile app.
  6. Mobile App has good support with backend apis.

Other Customization features :

Dynamic UI Localization

  1. 100% Localized UI
  2. RTL(Right to Left for Arabic, Urdu) and LTR(English, Spanish etc.) support
  3. Supports 10+ languages like English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic.

Settings & Best Practices

  1. Host and tenant specific setting which can be easily configurable.
  2. Clean code structure with Domain driven design & Dependency Injection.
  3. Comes with Automapper tools & world famous latest Bootstrap Metronic theme
  4. You don’t need to spend time on monotonous tasks like Validation, Logging, Exception handling, Caching, Audit logging, Unit of Work implementation & Database connection.
  5. Being a Test driven design too, it comes with unit testing & integration testing with xUnit
  6. It gives you the benefit of Docker configuration already done, so that you can deploy containers directly.
  7. Real time push notification & Live Chat facility are also available with Signal R technology
  8. Background jobs can be done with support of Hangfire Integrations.
  9. Multiple time zone support for application, tenants, & users.
  10. Global event bus is pre-built for server-side events
  11. SMS integration is already done with Twilio
  12. Cookie consent & download user’s collected data (GDPR)
  13. Swagger API integration
  14. Well tested on Azure, AWS (PAAS).

Our 3 years experience with zero at Ncoresoft has been great and we would recommend all companies or startups who are trying to build a SAAS based solution in any industry, consider zero only. Why to pay extra when this framework already provides you all pre-built features.

For more queries about zero or custom software development contact us at