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7 Reasons Why your Business needs custom software development

7 Reasons Why your Business needs custom software development

All businesses need Custom Software as they need productivity and profit to go parallel. Custom Softwares are built with a targeted objective in mind to scale company and increase revenue. The timely completion of tasks in the correct way and order daily makes the actual difference in business. All Founders and co-founders always strive to tighten the nut bolts of operations and other departments. The main focus is efficiency in each department so all business units need refining. No one software solution can provide you answer to all problems your business is facing. All they provide is generic and common solutions which may and may not work for your business.

In this query, many times business owners need to buy multiple software or subscriptions which becomes tedious. You need multiple stakeholders to manage multiple apps which decreases productivity too. The time you dedicated for meeting new clients or other important tasks got used in managing multiple applications. Also each app stores data in different servers as per each software creator. This can be unmanageable many times due to synchronization and compatibility issues. A custom software can do wonders to your business. It will become the one stop solution and solve all your company’s issues on the daily run.

We build Mockups before starting custom software development
Following is our list of 7 reasons reading which you may understand the importance of custom built software:

  1. Why use multiple softwares to perform one task?

    – When you start your day, you use Quickbooks for accounting/invoices. You may have Sage for sales/purchases, some other for shipping and tracking. All these affects your learning curve, software expenses, productivity and manageability index daily. This can be solved if you ditch them and go for custom software development. A tailored software solution which performs your team’s daily routine tasks is need of the hour.

  2.  Easy to Expand and Scale

    – When your team grows you dont want to increase your overhead. You want your entire workforce to be on the same page. How will that happen if all are diverted to seperate solutions to reach to common goals. Even training new employees on different softwares can be a big headache. This can be prevented if we have single solution for entire team with separate authentication and authorization. An accountant doesn’t need to see the marketing module and a purchase manager doesn’t need to see sales module. A company can easily grow as they have the highest productivity with single tailored solution. Learning curve and training costs go down to zero as colleagues can teach each other when needed. You can scale your business easily with this unlike offshelf solutions. Those can be used by startups when they don’t have routine operations but wont work when your company is 100+. So why not to invest it onetime and save money rather than to pay for licenses for 10 years and then migrate to a custom software.

  3. Why to pay monthly user-wise licenses and subscriptions

    – It is a one time cost you pay for a custom software. After that it is just minimal annual hosting and maintenance charges. Hosting and maintenance charges depends on client’s choice if he needs them or can host on private server. Imagine you buy 100 SAP licenses for your team. After that you call their team for training your employees. Imagine the cost and compare it with some single solution provider who can deploy your software to cloud. Now your team can access it from anywhere in the world giving you maximum productivity. Also no need for manual upgrades as your Cloud solution will automatically load the latest build.

  4.  Customize Logic Anytime.

    – When you have ordered for a custom built solution, you can send change request even after the product is launched and delivered. You can make any business logic change which you think is right for your business.

  5. Lower separate hardware costs.

    – When you are using third party softwares, you might have to pay extra for the hardware and the licenses of software to access them. But once you go for a custom solution, you make sure that all the features and functionalities related to hardward involvement are covered so that the extra cost is stopped for future.

  6.  Migrate from Paper work to Cloud.

    – Is there any paper still moving in your company from desks to desks? Are you still signing the legal and terms paper via paper ? Are you still using desktop app or spreadsheets where you print out and then send the papers for CEO’s sign ? Gone are the days when you had to manually manage all these chores which occupy 3-4 hours of your day. There are high chances that paper work and spreadsheets have human errors and you cant update them back. We made a mobile and tablet responsive enterprise system for Star-lo Electric. Before this they used to put in all the tasks done by labourers, field managers in paper. This included all of timesheets, tasks, projects, material inventory and reports. Imagine how we saved them a lot of hours each day by migrating them to our wonderful cloud system which can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. It took just 5 months for us to develop it.

  7.  Manage all your customer queries in one system

    – You make amends for healthy customer relations, but still you face complaints, escalations, poor surveys etc. You can make all of them in one place by going for a custom customer software. The software will make sure that it has all the social networks like twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. where the customer has posted about your product or your company in terms of hashtags. You can also see which team and managers are working on each customer project and what is the current status of delivery. You can also have realtime customer chat or mail integrationWe always suggest our clients to first automate the efficient processes in their current business daily routine. Only after this is successful, go for automation of inefficient and problematic chores in business.If you like our article, please stay tuned for more. For any technical queries or project requirements send mail to