Document Builder

A Microservices based Document content management system using Core as a backend, Angular.js as frontend with Azure table and blog storage as database. Everything was handled following Azure service fabric avoiding the monolithic architecture. With a huge system of more than 80 microservices loosely coupled so that even in huge traffic the system is smart enough to automate load balancing creating fault tolerant copies.
Following the trends set by Big companies like Netflix, Amazon etc. We at nCoreSoft adapted to a more robust architecture and framework rapidly. Our jump from .Net MVC to .Net Core and using database of likes of Azure cosmos DB and Identity server 4 for authentication makes us different than our other peer software providers. We have taken all the good components of Boilerplate framework.
It has everything from Creating business proposals, brochures, financial reports, etc. With readymade business templates and other content resources like icons, shapes, fonts, n level customization of document with our inhouse made CK editor. It also has page by page analytics and omnichannel sharing and approval system like Google drive. You get to know bit by bit of what all pages were read by your customers or partners and how much time they spent on the document. These demographics can set you apart when it comes to industry competition.

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