6 Big UX goofs Enterprise Software teams make

When we start using an enterprise application like LinkedIn, JIRA, Trello etc. we look more into the design. The UI design attracts us as its been made considering the UI trends of that year. But when we keep using the application more and more, we start getting UX goofs. User experience is a big factor which failed Orkut but made Facebook a bigger winner. User Experience was one of the deciding factor for Google+ never achieving what Facebook could.

UX Goofs - Ncoresoft

Capterra is a big platform which reviews a lot of enterprise applications publicly. Read the public Reviews of the most popular Enterprise Systems in 2019 only on Capterra. Top applications like Microsoft Dynamics, Deltek Vision, NetSuite, Bitrix24 have great following of buyers which the reviews show. 3 years back no one emphasized on User experience. But thanks to these Google play stores, apple play stores, and review sites like Capterra the mindset has changed. Enterprise companies never gave priority to UX goofs.

Mobile Effect

With the increase in mobile users, the demand for mobility solutions have increased. Today all kind of users be it employees or employers want everything with the touch of a finger. All corporates and tech teams are already using Mails, Skype, Slack, Google, Excel, etc. on their mobiles. Most office related work is done on mobile today, which has only become possible due to better Mobile experience. As per the future trends, 90% of corporate enterprise will have atleast one mobile solution in coming 5 years.

Consumer vs Enterprise Apps

Consumer applications like Facebook and Instagram are raising the bar in UI and UX. This makes it a must for Enterprise applications to upgrade as employees use for most part of day. Employees spend 1 hr on consumer apps and 7 hrs on enterprise apps daily on an average. If the app has poor UI and takes long to navigate, the employee productivity will be very less. The app needs to be user friendly and do more in less number of clicks. We should not forget that employees are smart consumers of 2019. They already use apps like Uber, Yelp, YouTube etc. daily. Thereby they also expect their enterprise softwares to be of consumer-app level modern.

Following are mistakes which App developers and Clients do :

  1. Design with Buyer in Mind and not the End-User.

    Every product needs to have proper analysis with regards to who are the end-users, What is their behaviour and what are their use-cases going to be. All the requirements and scope of work are written by the IT team which developers have to follow. The only case where buyer becomes the user is the admin panel.
    Every industry has its own end user rules when it comes to usability. This includes behaviour steps, navigation, the terminology they use, the shortcuts they want differing region and company-wise. The development team and client should consider all of this before starting development. You cant follow the usability of an accounting system for a CRM. The only way you can do it the right way is have appropriate due diligence with existing end-users. You can also follow state of art industry specific case studies available in the market.

  2. Ignoring the Legacy Software.

    For companies looking to migrate their old app to a new one, we cant ignore existing system. The customer already knows what their existing system lacks in terms of functionalities, design or business logic. So before we try to solve their new problems, we shouldn’t ignore the existing flow, validation of legacy system. We should also consider business logic, ease of use like “Use Tab to shift focus between fields”. The developer should know that the end-users or employees are used to a certain pattern or behaviour. If they have habit of using “Ctrl + P” to print a report, we cannot force them to use button only.

    Developers should also know what modules employees or end-users use maximum and try not to change the flow. We can only try to make it better rather than discomforting the end-users with a big learning curve. We always have to try to reduce learning curve and trainings and hence increase productivity. Therefore more functionalities and less training also guarantees a lot of money saving.

  3. Innovate only what is required and important.

    We have two cases one where employees lack enthusiasm to upgrade UI/UX of the app. They don’t have a target to sell so don’t focus on UI and UX goofs regularly. Similarly we have the contracted developers who wish to redesign the entire app. Nifty alerts, more shortcuts, fancy left menus, popup design can all look great. But we also need to care about the end-user’s standard practices. Like always use red color for Delete, orange for warning  and green for success. As Apple emphasizes on, “Don’t use system-defined buttons and icons to mean something else.”

  4. Avoiding UI aesthetics and increasing UX goofs

    We need to focus equally on to typography, font-sizes, color-combination, animations, button placement. If a company is spending again then it is expecting upgrade in all terms. It is looking for performance, user friendliness and latest design. Try this app Hotjar , it tells you where the end-users clicked the most or used which modules maximum.

  5. Disregarding the importance of Responsiveness

    Renovating an app needs to consider all the devices which can make work easy. Tablets, PDAs, or mobiles can contribute greatly if considered with respect to different user roles. You don’t need to show all modules to a laymen or clerk. That way he can do his tasks even from his iPhone or iPad in emergency or exceptional cases. The new software should be adaptable without relying only on desktop. Also consider on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Edge along with Safari.


  6. Use Negative Feedback from failure of Other Systems

    Developers also have to take inspiration from other’s feedback and debacles. Like Thomas Alva Edison wrote on 1000 ways of not to make a bulb. We can take examples of failed case studies of famous systems and make use-cases around it.The Only way a successful migration of legacy software can take place is by fruitful collaboration. A developer from MIT or UX designer from apple don’t guarantee the best UX for a healthcare system. They also need to know the business logic involved which can only happen when they collaborate with regular sprints. You can also follow agile lifecycle and scrum as cherry on the cake to avoid all UI and UX goofs.

Facebook New Design Launch

Facebook New Design promotes more private communications . This Tuesday the 30th of April’19, Facebook announced its New Design for their desktop and mobile apps. In this revision, they have focused on new features to promote group-based communications instead of Main Feed. Till now people used to publicly post status and messages.


Facebook New Design Redesign

Facebook’s Redesign


With the new changes users would now message and share news with one another more easily. Therefore they can also share other items with private group member on the site.

F8 Announcement

The Company announced that Mark Zuckerberg is working to integrate and encrypt Facebook’s different messaging services including WhatsApp and Messenger. Facebook also plans to continue giving importance to its Stories product, which allows people to post 24 hour updates. These stories vanish after 24 hours. They finally bid adieu to their large Blue theme and unveiled a minimalistic great white look for FB.

The motto of these new features is to make Facebook a more trustworthy platform, said Mr. Zuckerberg. He added more in the interview “Everywhere you can see and connect with friends, you’ll be able to see and connect with groups; it’s going to be woven into the fabric of Facebook.”

The recent privacy scandals have forced the social network company to change some of their policies, features from ground zero. This redesign shows us the initial effects. Most Importantly Facebook is facing negative criticism for the last 3 years for its incapability in providing privacy to user information. The main damage was also due to the image they created by spreading fake news, explicit content and even interfering elections. Influencing Political Dynamics of different countries has brought Facebook in bad limelight. Worse was how they got tangled into getting fined for $5 Billion from Federal Trade Commission for privacy violations. This was the highest any Technology company got fined in United States.

Ground Story

Facebook users are shifting their social media behaviour. Today online communications have got a boost by private messaging, groups and stories. Mr. Zuckerberg said. “In 2019, we expect the amount of Stories that are shared to outnumber the amount of Feed posts that are shared.” Facebook New Design is going to push multiple product updates in all of the 4 platforms periodically. This upgrade doubts How Facebook will earn from its private communications. FB generates most of it’s $56 Billion revenue by targeting advertisements out of public posts. The challenge in this directions are major as the stakes are high.

Facebook has a Groups tab to its main mobile app and desktop menus, for example. Recommendations for groups will pop up in various areas of the app insisting users to join. Messages for close friends and family have a separate section inside Messenger. Any user would find it hard to ignore a group prompt insisting him or her to join a group chat.

They have also launched their dating feature for Canada and Thailand, not yet for USA, but soon it will happen. Instagram launched new digital shopping and ecommerce features.

Zuckerberg at Facebook’s annual F8 developers conference in California for Facebook New Design

Zuckerberg at Facebook’s annual F8 developers conference in California

Zuckerberg emphasizes about their company’s automated systems. They can detect illicit activities — like examining traffic patterns — without scanning the inside content of private messages.

“There’s still a lot to do” were Zuckerberg’s final words in the conference. Lets see where Facebook takes us in Future.

What Accenture did wrong with Hertz Car Rental ?

Hertz Car Rental Firm from Florida, USA sued Accenture for 32 Million $ legal suit for a massive web design failure.
Accenture doesnt need an introduction in Software consulting, management and implementation. It is 1 of the top 10 companies in Software Outsourcing and Consulting industry. But that doesnt make it God. It is human and can cause errors.
We would be talking about what it did wrong. Then we will talk about what it should have done to prevent it.
Hertz hired Accenture in August 2016 to help redesign its existing website and mobile apps. But the firm was unable or unwilling to meet the basic requirements of the said contract. It wasnt able to achieve a single deadline due to which Hertz fired Accenture in May 2018. Till this time the car rental firm had paid $32 million for its services. Hertz is now asking the giant management consulting firm to pay back the entire amount. It also has asked for more cost to repair the project.


Flashback of Hertz Car Rental Project

The Rental Bigshot started planning for digital transformation almost 3 years ago. Their intention was to improve their customer experience for all it’s rental brands globally. They had laid down list of all goals and a complete roadmap to achieve. After this they handover all documents and information to Accenture in August 2016.

It started with Accenture missing the 1st deadline when the new site was going live for first time. This was December 2017 then came the postponed date January 2018 which  also missed. It also missed August 2018 as third deadline and was finally removed from the project.

Accenture still believes that the lawsuit by Hertz is baseless.

The worst part was that Accenture started charging for the delays. The lawsuit already states that

“Accenture promised that Hertz would not be responsible for the added cost associated with the delays in go-live, but Accenture later sought to charge Hertz for those costs.”

Missing Goals

According to Hertz goals, they wanted a uniform web structure for all its existing global rental brands. They included global and economy brands like Dollar and Thrifty . But Accenture built site only for Hertz North America. Even Hertz Europe was excluded from digital upgrade. Hertz reported this debacle and has also stated in the lawsuit

“Accenture’s project
leader replied that ‘we felt that creating a generic base and extending Hertz from that would have been less useful and less productive.”

Who in the world would go against code reusability and creating a common framework. Isn’t that laughable? Accenture also didn’t make site responsive for tablet even after promising to complete for all desktops, mobile and tablets. Shouldn’t they adapt to different screen sizes to make it reader-friendly across different devices. We at Ncoresoft built a lot of enterprise level softwares successfully where client asks for responsiveness across different devices. On complaining Accenture agreed to make it tablet-responsive, but only if Hertz paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Accenture couldnt even get the Visual Style Guide right. The Car rental firm specifically requested a style guide that was in a non-PDF format. They wanted a non-PDF format which they could update over time. But the Tech firm continued to produce guides that were PDFs, according to Hertz. The management company eventually said it would make the style guide in a non-PDF format, but only if it got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bad Code Delivery

The Management Firm even could not deliver reliable and working code. Hertz assessed the code Accenture delivered with its new replacement. Accenture’s code was so badly written that the new firm could not resolve so many issues. They finally had to discard the entire old code and start over.

The firm even convinced Hertz Car Rental to buy a license for RAPID, a program to streamline the development. They wanted to develop a new content management system. However, after buying the license, Accenture admitted to Hertz that it did not know how to use RAPID.

Currently Hertz is demanding a serious jury trial and needs repayment for all it spent. It wants a pay back for all costs during Accenture’s period of service as well as future web design costs. Hertz claims that is working very closely with the Accenture replacement and will be rolling new platforms shortly.

You can access the Hertz lawsuit on Accenture here.

Hertz Sued Accenture Lawsuit Link 

As they say “Once Bitten twice Shy“.

Ncoresoft does it differently by giving demo every 15 days. We ask for Payment only after milestone completion.

Our team also gives free support of 1-2 months depending on project criticality and duration.

We also give documentation for how to use and different metrics. We support our client in such a way that money comes secondary. Ncoresoft works for long-term relations so monetary issues are rarely present.

Hire Dedicated Ncoresoft Developers!!!

Lead Automation for Texas Used Cars | Case Study

Lead Automation is the talk of town since last 4 years. Let me show you a case study we had recently and how did we overcome the challenge.

What is Lead Automation?

Lead Automation is a process of converting Leads out of marketing channels setup by the business. We can drive more sales by automating sales funnel. You cant limit channels by which your leads get generate. We have to be open and allow lead generation happening omnichannel.

Lead marketing automation Ncoresoft

Why is Lead Automation trending ?

Leads drives every business solely. All businesses have to make sure they have plenty leads in pipeline. The more leads the more chances of conversion. Imagine your business has good market validation but you are missing on the right conversions. The main reason is you have not set pairing between your lead channels and your sales representative’s CRM. This might cause a lot of draining of useful leads. Leads lost means business lost. You cant afford to lose business to your competitors. If that happens that might hit your brand value to the bottom.
Today Brands are spending maximum to stay in the business by running multiple social channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube are helping all the brands in driving customer leads from all directions.
Useful metric for Lead Automation Ncoresoft
HubSpot is one of the leaders when it comes to lead and marketing automation. What if you get daily 400 emails of leads along with 500 other mails. Would you go and read each mail one by one? Then forward that mail to the sales representative to do a follow up. That’s crazy and monotonous right ?

How Ncoresoft helped the Texas Used Car business?

Texas Used Cars is a big name in used cars industries in San Antonio, Texas. Still they were using an old CRM since long. Every day their employees had to go through 1000 emails to find out the right leads. This was a manual process and monotonous. The employees used to waste a lot of leads every day. By the time the employees read 100 mails the day would get over and the prospect would move to their competitors. What a waste for a company which has 10000 cars in inventory. Going through this daily and not meeting Sales targets each month was disturbing. Then they met a Digital agency to find out if they could get a customized software that could do the filtering of leads and send it to their respective sales representatives. The Digital agency wasted no time and send us their requirement.

Marketing tools Ncoresoft

Ncoresoft having experience of 10 years in making custom softwares took the challenge and delivered the project in a month. Can you believe it? That is how Ncoresoft Technologies work. We know which technology, software architecture, tools to choose, and get things done.

What Ncoresoft did new in lead automation?

We started connecting the dots by analysing their requirement. Using AWS, C# and make a console application was our plan. We would install that as a windows service on their server. Now came the part of linking their mail box with AWS S3 bucket using SMTP. Now we made different folders to separate read and unread mails. All the mails get read one by one automatically and fall in the unread folder. So in case the server went down we didn’t had to start filtering of mails again. We could always start from the unread mails folder.

The mail reading process schedules to run recurring at every 5 mins. Our backend system tries to read mails on the basis of keywords like Used car, buy , sell, agency name etc. If our condition matches we modify that mail as per our system and send it to the respective sales rep. Every day this process repeats and eradicates the manual intervention completely.

Ncoresoft Lead Automation

Automate filtering of mails is the only saviour. Using it we can move prospects further down the sales funnel and generate more qualified leads. Choose from different keywords in the filter, dates, objective and targeted email or CRM. Then choose from different conditions to fetch right emails from right leads at the right time.

Grow your business with Ncoresoft at your end without increasing your employee size. We are there for you with the right experience, tools, data and technology.

Contact at [email protected] for inquiries.

Web based EMR/EHR application for Hospitals & Healthcare

EMR or Electronic Medical Records is a software where medical administration, billing and patient records are managed in digital format.

Gone are the days when EMR was windows based. They have to install it on all computers in hospital or clinics. There used to be a lot of overhead of maintenance, syncing of data, OS issues, Unhandled errors.

Ncoresoft brings in front of you a Cloud based web EMR cum EHR solution.

We give you both options.
– Host it on  private server for you with separate database.
– Give you a public link to operate at a very low cost.

Architecture and Technology Stack of Software:

It is built on the latest technology of Angular 5 as the frontend. For Template it uses the famous and sleek material design. For backend  we  have used the highly secure, scalable and robust Asp.net MVC. The best part is we manage to call everything using web apis. This makes it a loosely coupled system. We can host it on multiple sites like Amazon and Netflix to handle load balancing of heavy traffic too.

Responsiveness and Compatibility:

This EMR software works with all other devices, including laptops, standalone computers. It also works with tablets, mobiles and portable information sharing devices. MD professionals and medical staff can utilize these devices. It gives them advantage of workflow benefits that help both medical personnel and patients.

You can see the dashboard of our User friendly web app:

Buy Ncoresoft EMR EHR softwareWe also follow the HIPAA Compliance. For our clients from the US, Ncoresoft regulates all Entities by the Privacy and Security Rules. Ncoresoft obliges to comply with all of them already.

Smaller clinics and office based medical practices may not always have the required staff. It also wont have the IT infrastructure to create and maintain an EMR software solution.

Here Ncoresoft’s web based EMR software comes into picture. Being a viable, affordable and easy to manage alternative, it cuts the competition entirely. We also give customization option and add or modify modules as per requirement.

Run an entire hospital or a clinic with such an easy to use EMR web app. We have made it such way that training laymen staff on this EMR solution is a cake-walk.

You don’t need to worry about costly IT support, in-house server maintenance, or data backup at all. We will do it all for you.

Above all we make sure you relax and we manage software even while you sleep.

For more information about our Ncoresoft EMR systems or to purchase EHR software or acquiring web based software:
please call us 091-990-999-4628 or contact our Medtech Sales department

Hire Angular js developers in India || Dedicatedly Hourly or Monthly basis

Hire Angular JS developers from Ncoresoft on hourly or monthly basis. We build enterprise website solutions for all businesses. Our dedicated Angular js developers are fluent with the latest versions of Angular (Angular 7). Above all Ncoresoft ensures state of art web applications development to meet your business requirements.

  • We promise timely delivery of product and solutions.
  • Signing Non Disclosure Agreement before starting requirement gathering is our process. Ncoresoft follows it for all projects as we value your data.
  • Clients can enjoy a sophisticated Due Diligence procedure of knowing What they want. We also go to extent of How they want and Why they want.
  • We also show our previous products and suggest them better UI/UX owing to our experience of 40+ Enterprise Web apps.


Master of Full stack ANGULAR Solutions at your service:

Our offshore full-stack Angular JS programmers team provide quick deployment of Angular JS development projects. We also master reliable maintenance support for your ongoing projects.

We have experience of designing the following apps :

  • Social Integration Web Apps.
  • Enterprise Portal Web Solutions.
  • Custom AngularJS Applications.
  • Interactive Dashboards for all types of Businesses.

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We have experience of making huge scalable apps for following domains :

  • Healthcare
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As a result of which clients enjoy a transparent and trustworthy relation with the most skilled team in Angular.

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You can even decide once you see the clients who have worked with us. We give you a reference to our public GitHub profile to check our coding semantics.

Why you should chose Ncoresoft for Angular development is below :

  • 10+ years of Experience.
  • 40+ Enterprise website solutions.
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Gitex 2018 ! Lets Catch up

Gitex 2018

Gitex 2018, the biggest tech event in middle east is up for grabs this October. Ncoresoft team will be around the Microsoft stand. We are eager to meet all prospective clients who are looking for subject matter experts in Microsoft and Javascript technologies. Our technology expertise is open and free for all 4 days. Come and join us for open discussions, new business synergies, consultancy and project handovers.

We will be glad to help you in all kinds of digital  web and mobile transformation be it migrating your legacy application. We have incredible experience in Asp.net core, Dotnet MVC, Angular, React , SQL, NoSQL & Azure. Ncoresoft’s knowledge and experience has been a boon for many companies in USA, Australia and Europe. Our Gitex debut this year promises many Microsoft partners and Outsourcing Agencies a worthy collaboration for long term.

Ncoresoft at Gitex 2018Our Portfolio on Clutch , GoodFirms shows our global coverage and trust of clients from different countries.

Why Us?

Ncoresoft believes in investing in latest technologies with time. It doesn’t wait for clients asking our developers to learn for new projects. We are self-learning and confident that we suggest our clients with the latest technologies. In the time when people are still using Asp.net 4.0, we have completed 7 projects on Angular 6 and 15+ projects on Asp.net core . Isnt that great ?

So next time when you look for software development companies who can do justice to your requirement. Look for us or look for companies on the based of their strength and technologies. Don’t choose a company based on total employees strength or certification. As there might be chances that companies are charging you for a whole list of team when our single developer can handle all of it.

See you at the Gitex. Lets meetup and work together !!!!

New Features in Angular 6.0 !!! Why to use Angular 6 ?

Angular 6 is out!

Angular 6 is stable for development. There are great features for Angular-cli with new introduction to Angular Elements for the first time. They have also push the updates to all of core framework packages (@angular/core, @angular/common, and @angular/compiler, etc.) and Angular Material + CDK. See the new changes here . Now lets see what makes it better then Angular 5 !!

Angular 6 stable for development

  1. ng add
    – Its a new CLI command. ng add will help you to download new dependencies/packages and update our project with configuration changes.
  2. ng update
    – a new CLI command that will read your package.json and suggest you updates of packages for your application. ng update will help you use the right version of dependencies, thereby keeping the code in sync and updated.
  3. Material starter template kits
    – Once you run ng g @angular/material to add material to your existing application you will also be able to generate three new starter templates like :

a.  Side navigation bar : In order to get a side navigation bar from material design

       Run command ng generate @angular/material:material-nav --name=my-nav
b. Dashboard  : In order to get a dashboard from material design
       Run command ng generate @angular/material:material-dashboard --name=my-dashboard
c.   Data table :  In order to get a data-table from material design
       Run command ng generate @angular/material:material-table --name=my-table

4. Register Providers
– Now we can make services available to the entire app. Before we had to import and register a service with injector in a module, and add it to the provider’s array. Now we can use the providedIn property in the injectable decorator. It tells us about the root module which is responsible for creating an instance of the services.

Other Important Updates

1. RxJS V6 comes with backward compatibility package rxjs-compat.

2. Angular-cli
– CLI projects will have angular.json instead of .angular-cli.json for configuration.
– Now CLI supports workspace with multiple project libraries.
– Increased Speed with less code.

3. Use ng-template instead of template directive to render html

4. Angular Elements : Render any of your angular elements as native html elements with

    ng add @angular/elements

Angular is going more towards accessibility to PWA (Progressive Web Apps)…. Keep following for new updates in Software Industry…




Things to learn from Lidl software disaster [Software Upgrading] :

What you should learn from Lidl Software disaster?

How will you adapt to workforce mindset or how will your workforce adapt to newer features? or learning curve ? Everything needs to be sorted before taking this big leap of faith. Following are our observati0ns from the recent upgrade Lidl Software disaster by SAP :

Ncoresoft Casestudy for Lidl SAP

1). Even Software Corporations like SAP can make mistake.

2). 7 years and 500 Million Euros of expenditure also don’t guarantee success for a software

3). Keeping 1000 of staff and 100 of consultants on eLWIS inventory control system weren’t enough

4). Management team are always not right when they take decisions which the team don’t adapt too causing collateral damage.

5). Lidl based its inventory management system on Purchase price whereas SAP for retail use retail prices. The whole mindset has to be changed which Lidl don’t want to, pushing SAP to change.

6). Don’t follow Many code changes to existing code during SOFTWARE MIGRATION and shaking the foundation, which SAP did.

7). Communication was also be a problem as requirement and strategic goals were never met.

8) The company has to adapt to newer process if it is thinking to use generic software.

9) German IT consultancy KPS who acted as a mediator and responsible for transformation came out to be slow. So avoid mediators or they need to be proactive. Replace them if they miss milestones.

10) Lidl has a biggest challenge to retain its software engineers as no one wants to play with a 30 years old code.

#softwareconsulting #softwareoutsourcing #ncoresoft

Courtesy – Handelsblatt Global (Give credits to #Ncoresoft when sharing)

NCoreSoft Delivers on Clutch!

NCoreSoft is now featured on Clutch as a B2B service firm that delivers!

Clutch is a B2B research, ratings and reviews platform from Washington DC. Their data driven platform enables buyers and sellers of digital service solutions to connect. Through their proprietary research methodology, they map companies based on their area of focus and their proven ability to deliver. The ‘ability to deliver’ is comprised of three critical factors: market presence, clients & experience, and lastly, references & reviews. Clutch analysts review our clients on a range of qualitative and quantitative topics to help determine a company’s ‘ability to deliver’.

NCoreSoft is premier software design and development company, who creates innovative & inspiring mobile apps, websites, and web applications. Furthermore we have worked with a wide variety of clients, which has provided us with essential experience providing effective solutions. Our team also commits to client satisfaction and finally we had the opportunity to showcase this through Clutch’s platform.

We currently boast a perfect 5-star rating on Clutch, which is a testament to our commitment to our core values. Our client from an IT consulting and development company shared their feedback on our services and here’s what they had to say.

“Shalin operates NCoreSoft with more of an entrepreneurial mindset than other companies. When I asked him to develop a CRM system with certain features, he recommended additional features that would contribute to a better user experience. His design skills extended beyond the basics — he knows how to implement modern design in innovative ways. 

He’s also a very good communicator and is always willing to engage on the phone when necessary.”

  • Our client shared their thoughts on our commitment to partnership and their satisfaction.

“[Their] design skills extended beyond the basics — [they] knows how to implement modern design in innovative ways.”

  • Our client’s thoughts on our technical ability and design skills.

Since our inception, we have worked hard to create impactful products, and we are happy to have our track record of success displayed on Clutch. We look forward to providing more solutions to help clients succeed and achieve their goals.

Lets Make Things Happen

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